Engineering Challenge

We have been learning about plants and how seeds need to move away from the parent plant in order to survive. Each group had to modify a seed to help it move. Some seeds had to glide, some had to float, some had to attract or stick to an animal and others had to propel. The kids did a great job working together and enjoyed sharing their models and designs with another class today!

Champions Fill Fish Bowl

When you earn tokens and fill the classroom fishbowl, you get to celebrate with free time! Love watching these awesome kids play with each other!


Mazza’s Pumpkin Patch

We had a wonderful trip! It was a perfect day for a walk, wagon ride to the pumpkin patch, cider and doughnuts, time on the playground and feeding the animals. Thanks to all of our chaperones and to Esther’s dad for driving our pumpkins back to school. We also spent some time weighing and measuring the circumference of our pumpkins. My dad even stopped by to help out! Enjoy the pictures and remember to leave us a comment about what you see!


Fun at Bayside Park

We had a wonderful day at Bayside Park today.   Even though we couldn’t swim we still found plenty of fun stuff to do to keep us busy!  Please enjoy these pictures!

Halloween Fun in Room 198

The Harmony teachers greeted the Harmony kids with some spooky tunes and silly masks this morning!  We sorted and graphed our skittle colors, solved some festive math problems and wrote spooky stories.  We also added water to a plate of skittles and made observations about what happened over time.  This afternoon, we will be learning about the history of Halloween and answering some comprehension questions:)  Hope you all had as much fun as we did today!


Great Trip to Mazza’s Pumpkin Patch

We enjoyed our walk to Mazza’s for our field trip!  The scary wagon ride to the pumpkin patch was fun, the donuts and cider were yummy and the animals were very happy that we had food for them!  Thanks to all of the chaperones who were able to come with us:)  When we got back to class we had fun weighing and measuring our pumpkins.  We also did some comparing and contrasting to see how they were alike and different.  We recorded these observations in our science notebooks!